By PJG844

Red Barn Stomp

When we first purchased the house here my mate Morag (or 3M as she shall be known forthwith) understood that I thought the house was a bit "meh" but as long as I was here with her I would be happy. The bonus for me was that we also had a long byre with the property, roughly 24 metres x 12 metres. As I understand it this was built in the 18thc and used primarily for storing barley/wheat (something like that) and was part of Galson Farm. When the farm was broken up in 1921 the byre was assigned to the Murray family. Long story short, this was converted into a home. There are various rooms throughout the byre but this picture shows the longest part which I'm currently (alright, sometimes) working on. I'm intending to put a platform at the end so that I can view out up to the Butt of Lewis via the balcony window that's been put in. You can see at the end there's a fireplace and that there's wallpaper. There were several layers there with the earliest wall paper dating back to 1930.

As I'm not writing a novel here I'll stop but add more details when I take some more pics of it.

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