Desperately seeking

By clickychick

All White Now, Baby It's All White Now!

Apologies for the misuse of a good song title but I was listening to this on the radio this morning and when I looked out it was all white! The words of the song by Free stayed in my head as I drove to work and I was remembering, a few years ago, with that very good friend of mine, seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers live.

It was so nice this morning I even took photos of my own estate. No not this one, this is another in my series of using multiple copies of an image taken on the way to work. It was sunny until I reached this parkland, I hoped to see the mansion bathed in pink light. As I took photos I realised a lurcher was coming towards me, then the Lady of the house. I want to convey that feeling with these images. We exchanged a few words over the gate and I realised her neckwear was much superior to mine, the lens alone costing more than my camera!

Never mind, she won't be sharing her shots with the world tonight, so that's alright!

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