no rules, no fuss

A near-repeat, but no-one is counting.

I appreciate that some people (particularly those who primarily see winter as the horrible dark cold season (rather than the lovely dark cold season)) might find the need to honk on about the niceness of direct sunlight but I much prefer the nice flat grey light of recent weeks, especially when I didn't get to go outside much during daylight yesterday but did today when everything was far too constrasty and squint-making. Also, uniformly blue skies and small apertures are the enemy of those with tenacious spots of dust on their sensors. Sunshine mitigated by a discreet veil of haze is quite nice but direct sunlight gets in the way when the sun is low in the sky, though when it passes through the office over the course of the afternoon it's quite pleasant though the stark shadows tend to make every little oatcake crumb and shed beard-hair on my desk very visible.

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