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Bowood 2014 #41

Another occasion of stunning autumn light at Bowood, and a chance for me to try out a new camera body, a second Pentax K50, this time yellow, with my 12-24 mm lens attached. This was taken, though, with my red K50 using the 55-300 mm lens. It was taken just beyond the north exit from the gardens, looking across part of the gardens to the estate towards the South Lake, which lies beyond the grounds but can be accessed on a separate right of way from the road at Mile Elm.

The yellow K50 was intended to replace my oldest K-x, which was becoming increasingly picky about which freshly charged AA batteries it would accept, and only allowed some of its functions to be used (it suffered water damage some years back). It can take good pictures, though, so will be kept as a general purpose spare with a standard lens attached ready for immediate use.  The K50 had arrived in the post that morning but I had to wait until the afternoon to use it while its battery charged up and so the very first picture taken with it was this beautiful autumnal landscape at Bowood at 12 mm, taken while sheltering from a sudden heavy shower.

I walked down towards the lake and across Lake Field and into the House and gardens area, and ran into one of the staff on the walk back through the playground area. He reminded me that from Sunday onwards they would be closing one hour earlier, because of the clock change. I had hoped that there would be at least one day that they would be open at the old times so I could capture a twilight shot. The following Sunday will be their last day open before the Spring, sadly missing out a whole season. I mentioned this and was advised to drive up to the car park out of season and climb over the gate! I should have asked to have this in writing.

The resident buzzard circled overhead and the Canada geese stretched all the way across the field and in an adjacent estate field. I left ten minutes or so earlier than usual and found it impossible to turn right onto the A4 because of the rush-hour traffic, so eventually turning left and getting back via a lengthy and circuitous route.

29.10.2014 (0957 hr)

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