By andypowe11

The ice woman cometh

Unfortunately, the camera-man (yours truly) cometh about 10 minutes too late.

Amy Williams, who comes from Bath and is now something of a local celebrity, did an open-top bus ride thru Bath today (from her old school, Hayesfield, to the Guildhall) to celebrate her Olympic Gold-medal win.

I planned on popping out of the office for 10 minutes to take a photo. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked by the things I was working on (nothing exciting it has to be said but it was enough to take mind mind off anything else) so by the time I got there the barriers were being removed and everyone was walking away.

Shame... though on the plus side I did bump into an old friend and we had a bit of a chat.

Took this photo of the local BBC new coverage instead.

[Yes, I know it breaks blipfoto rules in at least two ways but ...]

Oh, btw today is the last day of my 40s... which is somewhat disconcerting! :-)

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