Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Sunset Over The Lake District

The first time this year that I have been out of work with enough light at my normal closing time to get an outdoor photo. A quick photo it had to be too: the fish and chips were getting cold! My bread roll was safe from that danger. I will be glad when I can try chips again after my desensitising period is over.

Very industrious day today. One of my suppliers gave me a free bag of discontinued lines in gemstone necklaces. These have proved invaluable for training my two new employees about threading, clasps and earring making. I've given them a little guidance in colour-mixes I feel are acceptable then let them experiment with design combinations until they produced items they were proud of. It's so nice to see people enjoying learning!

A busy evening ahead and an exciting day tomorrow as #1 Daughter and her husband spend time here before heading up to Edinburgh on Saturday.

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