Lyn's Things

By Abzquine


Today I felt I needed to feel like a winner, I needed a splash of colour in my blip. For the past few weeks I have been sporting an awesome green winners rosette on my funky purple coat. I bought in in Accesorise and I think its perfect on my coat. People keep asking if its real, which of course its not. Its a green winners rosette for a start instead of red (and green for fourth).

But when I were a little nipper I used to do a fair amount of shows and here are some of my winnings. I think they're all between 15 - 22 years old (ish), they were mainly won on my gorgeous boy Kelpie. I used to have a lot more rosettes but the parentals had a mouse problem for a while and some rosettes stayed with the riding school (when I was riding their horses).

Someone was talking to me recently about horse riding and looking at these has made me really yearn to get back into it. I'm not as interested in winning rosettes now but would love to go on some lovely long hacks.

p.s. for those interested there are a WIDE range of rosettes here from fancy dress and best turned out to minimus, novice and intermediate showjumping. Theres inhand, endurance and dressage as well. And I'm still incredibly proud of them :)

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