A Life of Laughter

By LaughterLover

Self Portrait

I'm not one for taking a "selfie" but I've done very little that has been photo worthy today so I decided that a "selfie" would have to do as the photo!

I've had so much to do over the past couple of days with a flat inspection yesterday and my mum coming up tomorrow that my to do list has been as long as my arm. I spent this morning copying up lecture notes from this week before showering, lunching and heading into town to do a top secret Rory birthday mission. I've got all of his present and it's now all (besides one thing which I want to admire for a bit longer) wrapped up and ready to go!

I spoke to Dad to scope out what to get him for his Christmas but I think I've given him the idea to buy it for himself! I headed back to the flat and have spent the rest of my night attempting to write another piece of coursework but nothing I've been writing has sounded great. All I seem to be doing just now is writing essays or reading for essays....and then once the coursework is all complete it'll be exam prep!

Rory fixed my puncture today so the next time I'm down at his we'll be able to go for a cycle again. The benefits of going out with a cycling fanatic! Today marks our 2 and a half year anniversary which seems like crazy. It certainly doesn't feel that long! Looking back at everything we've done together so far is incredible...it's been a year and a half since we went to Paris and Greece was 6 months ago! 2 years ago today we had a lovely meal at Vittorio's and set fireworks off at the top of Arthur's seat. Time passes so quickly!

I've got my washing on for mum coming up tomorrow so the rest of the night is going to be spent attempting coursework and doing some 'fun' reading....and maybe another episode or two of Gossip Girl or two.

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