The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Adrift and dreaming

Early on, a stroll down to Cineworld to get a passport photo of myself. Tomorrow I have a one day VHF course and I'll need the photo if I pass. Frank, who I met in Bennet's Bar later on (after watching Exit Through the Gift Shop), was of the opinion that the exam would be a squoosh given that summoning maritime assistance must surely have been devised to be as simple as possible. I was convinced sufficiently by his argument to agree to another wee snifter.
Anyway, back to this afternoon, after the passport photo I had a coffee and read some of Nick Thorpe's tome, "Adrift in Caledonia" and posed for this too. I can smell the sea already despite sitting in Bread St. I have a lovely photo of my grandad working as Butcher's boy just a few doors down, just after 1900. Ah, a sense of place.

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