By raubrey

Winged Victory

Popped over to Buxton for a bite to eat and visit Scriviners Books which is believed to be the largest secondhand bookstore in Derbyshire. It is a veritable temple to those who worship the written word and has some 40,000 titles crammed in over 4 or 5 floors. They even have a resident ghost in the cellar.

We had lunch at our favourite eating spot in Buxton. No. 6 The Square offers a wide range of excellent meals and their quiche of the day is always tremendous. Today, the quiche did not disappoint.

The sun has been shining and that brings out tourists & sunday drivers out in full force.We had to wait 10 minutes for a table and then 30 minutes to eat, whereas only a couple of weeks ago we had no problems finding a table. People are coming out of hibernation as they try and throw off the comforting blankets of winter and make their way outdoors at the weekend.

Today's blip is Winged Victory which sits on the hill on Buxton, overlooking the Victorian part of the town. It is a memorial to those who lost their lives in WWI & WWII and is a beautiful statue that I never tire of seeing.

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