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By delphwynd

Like You Mean It

Well, I did...

Smile that is.

Obviously the only thing to do after a Birthday Party that left the house full of Pink balloons and smiley balloons (and the floor crunching with popcorn) is to burst them all with a naked flame and try and catch the explosion on camera.


Not as easy as I thought. 15 balloons, this being the final one (saved it 'til last), and the nearest I got was catching a tiny bit of pink rubber in the bottom of one of the images. Good fun all the same although it kind of put Euan of his stride on the game of Modern Warfare and Casper's still not appeared from inside his cardboard tube.

That smug smile didn't last long after the shutter clicked.

<evillaugh>He, He, He...</evillaugh>

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