Constant Exposure

By constant

Ready To Bottle

My batch of home brew (an IPA) is ready to be bottled. Tonight I took a sample to check the FG (final gravity) and see what it tasted like. Have to say it tasted great. Plan to bottle it this Sunday. The FG was 1.014 which puts it in the 7.5% alcohol level. The above blip is of the IPA sample with the hydrometer, which is a device used to measure the SG (specific gravity) of a liquid.

I also checked on the tripel. It's SG is 1.016 so it's pretty close to done fermenting all the sugars. It tastes fruity (banana) and kinda bubblegummy but with that distinctive Belgian abbey ale character. Slight harsh after taste but nothing terrible. Not bad after only 5 days of fermentation. Going to leave it in the primary for a few more days and then rack it to a secondary for conditioning. It'll be interesting to see how the flavour cleans up and mellows with age.

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