Many times I' ve seen the Lloyds building during a nightime. All right, today it was slightly difficult to find a position and view over Princes Gardens East because you could find everywhere preparations for Christmas market.

Made only two shots. This is second. First one was blurry and I was quiet lucky that airlink bus was driving through the scene on Market St at the end of 160 seconds for the second time.

Good, In time. I' m happy with that.

Hope that you will be enjoying another landmark after yesterday' s blip.
Thank you very much for all comments and stars. Much appreciated for that.

and why I'm giving the name air-banking?

Simple. Remind me the fact that I must pay for flights to South Africa on February next year. After three years here in Scotland I' m finally going to proper holidays. Would like to be out of Europe for three weeks :) almost off-line. switch off mobile to airplane mode. Using and enjoying the time with camera.
Fortunatelly friend of mine and his wife invite me to join them at the end of their short- term contract for some travelling through the beautiful mountains, game reserves, African Indian Ocean beaches, vineyards and Cape Town maybe.
Sound like greatest idea. Need a good break and that' s the greater opportunity.

Wishing to everybody good and succesful Tuesday.

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