Angels Among Us Dunblane Cathedral.
Look large for details and come and see it and me. Maybe there has never been a blip Cathedral meet.

First time I have blipped our Cathedral, I think ......been saving it for a rainy day. We do of course take it for granted but its quite astonishly beautiful and many interesting features inside. Check it out on the internet if you like. Plan today was to blip one of the rather amazing wooden oak carved animals that I remembered some time ago but I fell in love with these angels the moment I saw them and the animals didn't match up to the blip today but they will one other day. I also had the pleasure of listening to the organist playing there and I was also offered a tripod, an offer which I should have taken advantage of as my second angel was blurred. Anyway you get the picture. There are 2 magnificently carved angels at the foot of the pulpit and they are different, a point I was going to make by showing the two together but I would be too embarrassed to show you the other out of focus one. Instead I will show you here some other parts inside, with a nod to BowBelle who is interested in these matters.

There are also some things in the cathedral which I find VERY interesting but I will save that for another time...............................and dont you be checking the place out with a view to what that might be...........:-))

Getting ready to see daughter son in law and poor wee sick Jody.

Talk later

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