The Wedding

Let me present Mr and Mrs Beatson to you :-)

What a day. It's been one of those magical times when you want to keep pinching yourself - just in case it is an amazing dream you're having.

It started for me as that special first light of the day appeared. I was out there with my camera. Then a run that culminated at the trig station with jaw dropping views of the Southern Alps.

The wedding party surprised us with an early arrival in 1935 Chevs driven from Hokitika with photos on the way. More photos followed as did a brief down turn in the weather. By the time the helicopter shuttled us to 3-mile lagoon the skies cleared and wind dropped.

I have so many photos of different parts of the day but it was Ken's and Karina's day and I've chosen a selection taken at 3-mile lagoon where the ceremony was held.

From top left going clockwise:

- Ken and Karina standing on the foot bridge at 3-mile lagoon
- The lingering you-may-kiss-the-bride kiss ;-)
- We build a cairn to mark their marriage while more photos are taken
- Ken and Karina beside the stone-shaped heart we made for them on the beach
- The helicopter that ferried us in with lagoon and glacier and mountains peeping out of cloud
- Karina makes a delightful slip during her vows that reinforces her love and feelings ;-)

We all walked the 1.5 hours back to Okarito and discovered just how fully the community had taken us into their hearts and lives with their catering, preparation and attention to detail. They transformed the space where we had drinks, nibbles and dinner into a fairy tale like ending to a perfect day. The food was exceptional and food made with love always tastes better.

It's hard to find the words to decribe today. I can honestly say I've never experienced a wedding like it - location, the generous sharing by Ken and Karina of a place that is special to them, a community who entered into the occasion and provided us with the finest of meals, great weather and excellent people to be with.

A day I'll never forget. Thank you Ken and Karina, thank you Okarito.

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