Guitar detail

A day in the house working from home today. Largely teaching myself more processing for delivery to the Interactive design first and second years. A screen full of code wasn't going to make the most exciting blip for most people so I opted for guitar details instead since it was dark by the time I finally stopped and picked up my camera.

Processing is great fun, I'm quite looking forward to trying to get it working in conjunction with the Arduino kit I'm also learning too.

As for the guitar, it's not a real 335 it's a Hohner copy. It's quite timely too as an old friend who really knows his stuff sent me over a whole pile of music production resources for Ableton this evening. As I also have Pro Tools on my work laptop I'm thinking I can set that up to record in sounds form my guitars and Maddy's Wavestation, to give me more stuff to work with.

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