On Tuesday of this week I visited the eye consultant who treats my eye disease and once again discussed with him. As an aside, I enquired how he was progressing regarding finding a manufacturer for the spectacles which he had designed, which could be varied in focus over a wide range, gave a wide field of view and could correct for a large number of eye defects. He replied that he was having no success whatsoever, which I said was disappointing as they were by far the best design that I had yet seen. He agreed and said that if I really was becoming desperate for something to alleviate my problem (I am fixed focus at about two metres or thereabouts), then I should look around at some of the other alternatives that were on the market, which might help despite their defects.

I had already looked at a number of different variable focus devices, but had considered all of them inadequate. However, since I need to be able to focus from infinity to within some 20 centimetres or so, I decided to buy a couple of different designs in the hope that one of them would provide an alternative to carrying around five or six pairs of spectacles. Today, the first and cheaper of the two arrived and I put them on, expecting them to be rubbish, based upon various other people’s comments. For me, they work like a dream, I can now focus from about 1.5 metres down to about 10 centimetres, the depth of focus can in fact under bright light conditions permit me to read a car number plate at 20 metres with these! They have a relatively wide field of vision and produce very little distortion; all of these things surprised me. They are as solidly made as my existing spectacles and fit reasonably well. The only drawback that I can see is that the lens are soft plastic and will scratch in time, particularly as the inner lens slides over the outer one and, of course, they look rather odd as you can see in this picture. I hope that the other pair, of different design, will work as well, but I do not expect them too. Today’s blip is of me still wearing these some three hours after their arrival.

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