La vida de Annie

By Annie

Today is....

...National No Smoking Day in the UK; expect lots of bad tempers and crashed cars. Ironically my Dad died of lung cancer in 1986, having never smoked in his life - it was caused by exposure to asbestos. I too have never smoked, but got the results of my last series of tests last night, and it seems I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which is usually caused by smoking knackering your lungs. After previously been diagnosed with high cholesterol when I already have an extremely healthy high-fibre low-fat diet, I now think someone up there's taking the mick a bit. At least it explains the symptoms I've been having recently (and not so recently), and in a way it's quite a relief to find out there is something actually wrong and that it's not all in my head; thought I was cracking up. Now I just feel old. :-(

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