and still they come ...

The Burgh Hall in Dunoon which is about to undergo a major refurbishment , is presently a slightly chilly venue for a November evening meeting and Friday night is never a good night to get people together for a serious purpose.

Yet despite both those factors, and a damp fog in the streets, several dozen turned out to talk about the detail of running the new "Forward" shop that has been set up in Argyll Street which is a successor to the YES shop that did so well, and was I believe the first YES shop to be established in Scotland.

This picture was actually taken before the meeting started and a good few turned up afterwards. They came from several parties and none , but all are united by their determination to continue to to continue to change Scotland for the better and to work for independence. To make, as one of those present said, the 45 into 55 or more by persuasion , campaigning and example.

Great times to be involved .

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