Sense of Achievement

Whilst most British universities hold their graduation ceremonies during the summer, the University of Hertfordshire chooses November. They do choose a very prestigious venue for the occasion - St Albans Abbey - and the whole occasion was extremely well organised and orchestrated by the University. We had a lovely evening ending with a late meal close to where Edward is living in Hatfield (he is back after completing his degree to do a Masters) and arrived home after midnight!

I am exhausted today as I had to do quite a lot of driving yesterday in difficult weather conditions amongst huge amounts of traffic. Why, I wonder, is it called the 'rush hour' when I seemed to spend huge amounts of time stationary or crawling along? Some of these images were clearly taken yesterday evening in very difficult low lighting conditions but with some extremely bright spots too. We did have official photos done by an army of pros with proper lighting and backdrops but they will arrive in a few weeks time.

Very proud of our boy; he is the last of my children to be safely through their university degrees.

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