Weekday cycling

R called the night before saying he needed a bit of a break from a hectic week and suggested we go cycling. It was just what I was looking for too and agreed. Despite a lack of sleep from watching the season finale of 'Bones', I woke up early, had a couple of bananas and headed off. We decided to take a different route this time. We passed by out favourite Qutb Shahi tombs, the Golconda fort, the army area on the way to the lake and then took a shorter way back. We lapped up about 50km in 2 hours flat. Though the roads in Hyderabad are anything but so. This was the only break where I failed to really capitalize. I will remember our long shadows surrounded by gentle golden sunshine the day began with. A racing mind is the lingering after-taste of cycling.

There was a bit of goofing around during the day until evening arrived which was reserved for good food, knives, candles and the like since it was S's birthday. As it's to be expected, she spent large amounts of time answering calls. After a couple of days of inadequate sleep, all I needed was to crash upon the bed!

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