wander, stumble, wonder

By imo_weg

Ding dong merrily on high...

Ok, so yes, it is a LITTLE early for Christmas, but our house seems to be going mad over December and January, so this is our last weekend all in the same place until late January. Alex and I were singing 'Ring all the Bells' in the kitchen a few weeks ago, madness led to sanity, and suddenly we were organising a Christmas lunch.

Some nibbles, Pimms, roast lamb, spinach and feta pie, vegies, salads, cake, biscuits, flans and cups of tea later, and we all rolled away from the table. Add in some terrible cracker jokes, a kris kringle, and some silly hats and you have a very successful occasion.

And there's plenty of leftovers. That's definitely important.

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