youngies journey

By youngie66

Rumbling Along

Well the warm Chinook winds that frequent southern Alberta this time of year whipped up through the night taking most of the snow away in Fort Macleod and the prairies as the temperature I can remember on one visit was -28 at night only to be 17 above by the morning due to the strong Chinook winds and seemed no different and I grabbed this shot of one of the few freight trains that pass through town approaching this crossing as there is 3 in town before it heads west towards the Rocky Mountains, and these 3 days have passed so quick and also noticed a big deterioration in my father in law sadly which is the reason for this visit anyway.
Thankfully as it warms up I haven't required my big jacket to wander about today which was nice and I will be flying back home on Wednesday arriving early Thursday at Gatwick with another 6 hours of travelling which certainly makes me suffer the jet lag so a couple of days of rest then I should be reinvigorated by Sunday, Sandra is staying on as long is as needed, anyway my movie for the day about a train carrying a deadly virus and starring the likes of Sophia Loren, Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner and Richard Harris to name but a few and is "The Cassandra Crossing 1976" hopefully nothing like that would happen but with Ebola on the go it doesn't bare thinking about sorry for the doom and gloom being an optimist has me always looking forward to things believe me ! anyway looks good large as well See Ya

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