Ho! Ho! Ho!

Maddy, Wills and JJ in the Christmas Grotto section of Swallows Aquatics, Rayleigh, Essex, on our Christmas-is-coming excursion this afternoon, with, of course, my bro. Unimpressed by their Dad's request to pose for Aunty's photo - it is easily the worst pic of the day, and also the one that makes me laugh the most - but with tears in my eyes as I can't but help think about the last time I was here.

More tears in my eyes when for the second night in a row, my bro forced me to watch 'The X Factor' and 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'..... much more and I will be humming the theme tune. Oh well, when in Essex....

(Thank you to those kind folk who commented yesterday and the day before. There is no wi-fi at Dad's house, so I can only be on line briefly but promise to catch up on comments and journals next week.)

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