By daisydoesNYC

Harvard v Yale

Today we got up bright and early and headed up to Boston to watch a College Football game at Harvard. We made mimosas on the bus so were nice and merry by the time we made it there 4 hours later. Tailgating is huge in America so we hung around outside for a while soaking up the atmosphere and then found a tent with free beer. It had been completely wrecked, it looked like Glastonbury on the Monday morning, I couldn't believe it was only midday.

Anyway, the game was fun, mainly due to the fact that there were about 150 Mountbattens there, and nothing to do with the fact that we had any idea what was going on. It was also absolutely freezing. I finally understood the point of the game about 10 minutes before the end of the game when Yale equalised and it was touch and go. But Harvard held on and won!!

The best part was the pitch invasion. Half the stadium crashed onto the pitch and celebrated with the players. Never one to not get involved I was straight down there, up on someone's shoulders and singing and cheering. It was great fun.

Some people were staying in Boston for the evening but I'd decided to head back on the free buses. We got on, the driver put on Home Alone 2 and we all passed out.

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