Last Light Peninsula Hill

This was a last gasp walk. I was pretty sure that I was going to be writing to the RSPTB (The Royal Society for The Protection of Tussock Blats). When The Boss decided at 7.30 that we would go round the block. That takes an hour WYS.(Without Yacking Stops). I believe that this decision was directly related to 2 previous events…
1…The Bossess had discovered a Cupcake shop in Queenstown this arfo and
2…While they were devouring said product, with added lubrication of cream Cos The Bossess was worried they may have been a little dry, she Googled the calorific content of cupcakes and the iPad melted down.
Right. Well who am I to argu with that!
When you start doing The Block at 7.30 the light can get seriously good by 8.30 asitdoes and asitdid so in spite of carrying his full camera pak (Minus the 600mm lens that was inspected at Travelling Kiwi’s this morning, Cos she was watching too closely) the fruitphone came out and here you are.
Really grrreat larger

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