Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Watching you, watching me

My daughter and I had planned this day for shopping weeks ago, before we had heard of ‘Black Friday’; I did not know what it meant until yesterday! However, we still went out early expecting there to be long queues; it was not as bad as expected. We went to Harriett’s for an early lunch, they got it wrong and the food was cold so they only charged us for the drinks we had; most unlike Harrietts.

We went to Scotsdales on the way home, no coffee or cake as we were ready to go home, but we did look at the Reindeer, which had just arrived. They were very friendly and seemed quite happy; it was obvious that they were accustomed to being stroked. Today I choose this one looking at me through the enclosure.

Once we arrived at my daughter’s home, we had coffee and bought the rest of the items we wanted from Amazon. On Sunday I do it all again with my grandson. We always go before Christmas so that he can get his presents; he has just realised that time is getting on as he has judo competitions every weekend before Christmas.

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