By CoffeePotter

Fish and Chip Supper

Not fish and chips for tea again? This is how we always lay the table on a Friday evening. Nothing flashy you understand.

Actually, as you may have guessed, this is not our dining room. It is one of the state rooms at Blenheim Palace where I’ve been today on a visit with a group from our village.

We had an excellent guide who escorted us around the state rooms, and he made it absolutely fascinating, and we’d have certainly missed out on a lot if we hadn’t been with him.

There is an art exhibition by Ai We Wei going on at Blenheim Palace at the moment. Now call be a Philistine, but to me it was rather like “The King’s New Clothes”. I’m afraid hundreds of plastic crabs, a pile of old stools, and a selection of Ming pottery over 2,000 years old that have been painted in BMW car paint do not float my boat.

We had a lovely day out though, and I managed to buy a Paddington Bear of all things, to send to our youngest grandson in Taiwan. It probably came from there in the first place (not darkest Peru)!

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