A girl on a mission!

By missmission

My Maisie!!!

I haven't done a Maisie blip in a while so you get her today!!! Not left the house all day as I've had loads to do here before the mother in law came to visit! All done now!

Maisie is sat on our welsh dresser in this photo! She's scared of the rabbit!!!! And he was definately tormenting her in this!!! We have admitted defeat though and he is no longer a house bunny but he does come into the house whilst we clean the hutch out! And as the owner of more than one pet I shouldn't admit this but Maisie is my favourite!! I love her to peices!!!! She's my second baby really!!!! And spoilt rotten!!!

In other news Lottie is definately better!!! She's caused chaos all day!!! She also said a sentence today!!!! Whats that mummy!!!!! I am very proud as apparently she's quite advanced with her talking!!!! Takes after me and is a complete chatterbox!!!!

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