One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

From the virtual to the funeral

Sometimes you get to meet your online friends in the real world.
Sometimes it's not in the happiest of circumstances.
Sometimes it's in the downright distressing ones.

Dhackett born in 1968 lost his Dad on Saturday.
The well-connected BS informed me of the sad news.
So did Nana, who saw Declan's blip today.

Virtual condolences are ok if you have no alternative. BS and I did have an alternative.
We turned up at the funeral home.
A bit afraid to be asked by the MC at the door if we were family or close friends.
And having to mumble that we were internet buddies of Declan's.

Your Dad was obviously a good man Declan.

BS and I will see you when when it all gets quiet and the going get tough.
Bray in February can be bleak at the best of times.
Let's meet for pints and a chat.
I didn't hear the end of the story about the fight between the Yorkshire and the Chihuahua in the retirement home.
I want to know which one won.

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