By todayoutof10

Cellar Door...

I know it's subjective but I would strongly suggest South Australia has the finest wine in the world. And I've sampled plenty over the last two weeks....

Travelling through Barossa and Clare valleys we were treated to wine, wineries and people who have made a lasting impression.

None more so than the man who now runs a boutique winery with the finest sparkling Shiraz I have ever tasted. Red wine, chilled and sparkling- it's the future! He's called Paul Clark and runs Kersbrook Hill Wines.

He asked where we were visiting from and I said Glasgow. Actually, I said, we come from a town that's west of Glasgow but no one has ever heard of it.

Heard of it - he'd played cricket there! It turns out he was a professional cricket player before he became a wine maker and was the overseas professional at Stirling in the mid 80s. He remembers my beloved Greenock Cricket Club well and agreed it is a beautiful setting and excellent cricket pitch. I've blipped it often.

The custom is to visit the 'cellar door' where you sample the wine, hear about the wine making process, shoot the breeze and, if you like it, buy the wine extremely cheaply.

If you think you like Australian wine, you've tasted nothing. They only export the stuff they don't like.... Wait till you try the real thing, straight from the cellar door!

Today outof10? A sumptuous 9.5 ❤️

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