love light

By lrw

Tessa Baking

Tessa loves to bake. And she is very good at it. She told me last week that she would bake some Christmas cookies for me when she came over today. She asked that I have butter at room temperature, sugar and eggs in the house. She knows my kitchen in my Kitchener home is poorly stocked since I don't actually live there anymore (I keep the house just so I can visit and have dinner with my kids ever week).

When she arrived and asked me to fetch the flour, cinnamon, and a couple of other ingredients not on the aforementioned list, I had looked shocked and said I had none of those items! She laughed, a lot. At me. :D.

We popped out to the grocery store and the baking session began. Wonderful - Jan Hagel cookies (kind of a cinnamon flavoured shortbread cookie) and Boterkoek (kind of an almond flavoured shortbread). Both of these are Dutch delicacies that we all love.

I'd have loved some Speculaas too but there were too many ingredients missing from my larder ;) Maybe next week ;)

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