Meerkat Selfie!

It was my birthday earlier in the week, and on this day, a dear friend stopped by at lunchtime bearing a gift: a real bagful of trouble! Inside the bag were two furry meerkats, peering out. They were accompanied by an adoption certificate. :-)

My friend and I chatted for a few minutes, catching up on this and that, making plans to get together soon. And then she left me with the meerkats. And such trouble they got into! They climbed all over things in my office. With great curiosity, they checked everything out.

But inevitably there came a a time when I had to leave my office for a few minutes. And I discovered later that these two little rascals had put the time to good use. My camera's memory card was chock-full of . . .



The tune to accompany this image is a song about two. Trouble comes in twos, I think, and so does fun. The tune is the Doors, with Love Me Two Times. There is a spoken intro and the song itself begins around 1:45. Enjoy!

P.S. A special shout-out and thank you to my dear friend Gina!

P.P.S. There's a guy named Will Burrard-Lucas who takes wonderful meerkat photos. Check out his short video here. I'm also including a link to additional meerkat images by the same photographer.

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