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Calne Blue Plaques #2

These are the Proclamation Steps in Mill Street, leading up to St Mary's, and the subject of another blue plaque.

In 17th century plague victims were carried up Mill Lane and buried on the far side of the river behind what are now the houses on Anchor Road. The steps that form the east entrance to the churchyard are known as Proclamation Steps because, by tradition, royal proclamations and other important announcements to the townspeople have always been made from these steps.
Remember that in earlier periods the standard of literacy amongst poorer folk was low and many of them would not have been able to read written proclamations pinned on church doors.
- Calne Heritage

8.12.2014 (2117 hr)

Blip #1437
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Day #1718
LOTD #672 (#792 including archived blips)

From The Top Of The Steps

Lens: Pentax 17-70 mm

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Calne Blue Plaque series

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