youngies journey

By youngie66

Moonrise Over Calton Hill

Well just as I headed up onto Princes Street to try get a blip I noticed the Moon rising over the Dugald Stewart Monument on Calton Hill this evening between my two trips to Glasgow Central which meant I could get back in the warm quickly as I was still feeling like crap anyway my day started off with a trip to the corner shop to pick up my paper (The National) and some soap tablets for the washing machine oh a mans work is never done lol then I went into the bakers for a couple of hot rolls so I went in to make my Tetley redbush vanilla tea to go with my roll and bacon and roll and sausage my bacon was nice and crispy but when I looked down at my sausageand it looked a very tired sausage infact it almost looked as if it had been recycled I love pork sausages as they taste better thsn beef but they do carry more fat in them anyway despite the tired look of the sausage it was rather tasty helped with a big blob of HP sauce anyway that was breakfast out the way and I did a load of washing my railway shirts for the coming week but was still shattered with all the coughing and spluttering so may take up Barons idea of finally phoning in sick as I have had this dratted thing for days now and it seems like there is no end in sight as I feel drained beyond help so that was my day and new windows to be fitted into the kitchen tomorrow morning just in time before the big winds come on Wednesday now then movie for the day is "Moonrise Kingdom 2012" Go Large See Ya

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