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Derelict Thursday - Nash's


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You may have noticed that in two week's time, Christmas Day falls on a Thursday. I'm sure many of you could find copious levels of dereliction in the aftermath of the carved-up turkey, the plethora of wrapping paper strewn about and drunk relatives snoring. Even the many TV repeats! But the Challenge will take a week off on the 25th. Next week, the 18th, as per usual.

New Year's Day is also a Thursday. Popular concensus - should we run the Challenge then or simply take two weeks off and have do with it? Personally, as the Challenge does run over a long period of time, then we should skip it.

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Nash's is an independent cycle shop that has been on this main road, away from any other shops for as long as I can remember. It's multi-coloured paint becoming more (ap) peeling (geddit?) each year. It seems to have stock inside but I've not seen it open, for as long as I can remember. I'm sure it does, at times but not coinciding when I pass it.

Weather now a bit/lot rubbish after a good start, so am back now to nurse this cold and absorb more Netflix and Blipfoto!

Lens is Nippon (Nikon) Kogaku 35mm f1.4

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