Nipples in my soup....

......lunchtime theatre visit with my fellow luvvies EcoDad and TFP. TFP tells it better on his journal today and took a most acceptable shot in very poor light; it really is good value at £10. Go with EcoDad; he explained the subplot and subterfuge as we exited, whilst the best critique I could muster was, "That was good". Nipples were a prominent feature of Soup.

Later, the new chairman of our megaconglomerate visited us and presented with refreshing honesty. "Are we to be sold?", asked a worried colleague......"If we don't overcome some European accounting regulations, yes".......frank and honest.....oh well, worse things could happen.

Met an interesting professional photographer from East Linton at the event; introduced myself and gave him a blip card. Being the true photojournalist that I am, I've forgotten his name already. Back to the daytime job again.

p.s. EcoDad, thanks for the homemade foodstuffs and magazines.

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