By HotButtered1

Sparkling Antlers!

Four more work days and Christmas holidays start (6 glorious weeks)! Yee Haa!

Went out for a mini celebration tonight to the Crown Hotel. Magnificent large tree and reindeer in the centre of the hotel.

Enjoyed my favourite which is tempura prawn sushi, salmon sushi, scallops wrapped in prosciutto bbq'd Japanese style and sea bass with three Japanese dipping sauces. All washed down with a dry vodka martini and a glass of plum wine to finish. Lovely food to share.

On the way home we checked out the Christmas lights that are up in some of the homes in our neighbourhood. There has always been a house near us that has lights on its roof saying how many more sleeps to Christmas. The man used to get up on his roof every day to change the numbers. Well, last Christmas must have been his last year of climbing onto the roof daily for three weeks. This year the days are now put on his front fence.

Happy weekend everyone.

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