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Calne Blue Plaques #4

I ventured out again with a proper camera this afternoon and managed a couple of shots before darkness enveloped the town. The blue plaque here describes Buckeridges Steps. I'm not sure if this is the official name or one that has come to describe the site, as the wine merchants shop at the bottom of the steps was Buckeridge's for many years (it is now The New Wine Shop). The Buckeridge family are well known in the town, and there was a much-missed cake shop at the top (the premises is just visible at the right of the picture) run by Tina Buckeridge.

Buckeridges Steps
Market Hill has some of the oldest houses in Calne, though refaced many times. West Hill House (the pink building) was originally the Bell Inn and is dated to 1705. Bevirs, at no.3, has a slate sundial built into a rear wall dated 1683. Buckeridge’s shop was probably the result of successive improvements on a market stall, until it became a permanent building. It is over 300 years old.
Just beyond this site were the old Town Hall and the town stocks. The Town Hall was demolished in 1883 and replaced by the town gardens and a new Town hall was opened in 1886 on the site of the town mill at the wharf.
The town gardens were cleared away when the A4 was widened and diverted up the hill in 1968.
- Calne Heritage

12.12.2014 (1920 hr)

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From The Top Of The Steps

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