Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

I'm faster than a speeding train!

Another shot of ‘Bittern’ that I went to see this morning. I drove into the station car park and as I stepped out of the car I heard the tell-tale whistle and was just in time to see the train speed past, five minutes early. Drat. Well, I wasn’t to be put off having got out of bed earlier than normal to see it, and I knew it was stopping for water about 20 miles north so off I sped, and this is the result. I read yesterday that next year will be its last year on the main line for a while as it is due an overhaul, but will probably run on a preserved line for a couple of years first.

Thanks for all the comments on my Blip yesterday. I have tried catching up on comments and journals this afternoon but after having commented to another Blipper that I didn’t seem affected by the Blip capacity problems, I’ve been hit with them with a vengeance this afternoon so I will cut my losses and try and get this uploaded for now.

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