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Having failed so far to learn to love my iMac, I had some doubts when I bought an iPad in early November. After some early frustrations, as I fought the Apple ethos (which I still mistrust and dislike), I began to find it quite useful and to rather enjoy getting to know it, as I tried out its various functions and got used to carrying it around with me. I found the camera better than I had expected, and have even blipped with it a few times.

I used it as a music device for the first time recently, using Spotify to rediscover an album Roger McGuinn recorded with Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review band after being on that tour in 1975, listening on headphones, and plugged it into my sound system the other day, finding no fault.

Although I got on better with the virtual keyboard than I thought I would, I have been waiting for a compatible keyboard to finally become available for my model, and finally got hold of one in Swindon yesterday. I set it up this morning and began using it straight away. Therefore, here is my lovely iPad in its new case with integrated keyboard, and a pair of compact Beyerdynamic headphones.

14.12.2014 (2031 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Roger McGuinn - Pretty Polly (1976)
From the album Cardiff Rose

One year ago: Smokey 1334 hr

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