sooner or later

Whilst expecting a particular outcome can be a dangerous thing in situations where unbiased investigations should be being conducted it's reasonably harmless to keenly anticipate a fairly specific event or result with a high degree of certainty when observing something which would only a tangential impact of low import. This week's multiple pleasing thought-so/knew-it/told-you moments are quite sufficient to offset the mild annoyance at finding that the potential replacement trainers I found last week (which fitted exceedingly well at the end of the day after a long walk) suddenly seemed much smaller (on a shortish walk at lunchtime) when I popped for a final pre-purchase check. More choosing shall have to take place.

I can't quite recall the moment when the newness wore off my camera but it was probably upon noticing the way that the strap had abraded the rubbery padding-stuff next to the strap lugs after a year or so. It had never had any knocks or scrapes to add dents or scratches, but after three years of extremely careful ownership it was dropped for the first time shortly before taking this. Fortunately the bollard it was sitting on was only four feet high and it appears to have escaped completely unscathed, landing on the lens which has suffered nothing more than a denting to the filter thread as I'd taken the filter off to prevent reflections in this shot. It's been possible to slowly and carefully screw the filter back in but it'll be slightly more time-consuming to take it off in the future when photographing things involving point sources in low light. Knacks the resale value too, though I'm currently quite happy with my kit.

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