Sterile environment

Had to get an MRI of my right knee. Trouble started with soreness after the airplane trip to Arizona and reached a kind of low point when I was scrambling over rocks at the beach at the end of November. I may have injured a ligament or torn the meniscus; I've been limping ever since. Aging is full of surprises. You don't realize you can't leap around on rocks until suddenly you can't.

My spirits are bright, though. Sue and I are attending some wonderful concerts. I have a brace for the knee, and we're going to a production of the Messiah tonight. All manner of thing shall be well. (With a nod to Ceridwen for noting my rose-tinted glasses.) Report from the MRI should be available tomorrow. They won't tell me how much it's going to cost. But I won't start another rant on our medical system.

Update: large tear in meniscus going into the root. Rats.

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