Was considering starting a different kind of challenge with this Blip, but I see that it would likely disappear, along with various other forum stuff, in tomorrow's big  revamp of the site.

Comic Caption Chain Challenge
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There are no shortage of comedians and jokers around Blipfoto. Some with humour in their images, some with it in the associated text, and some with it in both the images and text. Here's a challenge that (hopefully) won't entail a big burden on me (the lazy proposer), and those that might take it over at each stage:

- I've posted the first Blip;

- Any other Blippers can provide a single comic caption for the Blip, in the comments section below it;

- After two days (48 hours from uploading), the person posting the Blip (that's me for the first one) selects the caption they like best, and announces that by an edit to the text (preferably), or in the comments section... though note that there's a catch below;

- The provider of the best caption has any time in the following five days to upload the next Blip for others to give captions for;

- and so on...

Hope that's simple enough... so far. Unfortunately, even on Blipfoto, there are some unscrupulous folk that like to bend and break rules - shock horror! Yes, it is true. So there's a catch in the selection of the next person to provide a photo - they are not allowed to be anyone that you have subscribed to. I know that some Blippers have subscribed to hundreds and hundreds of journals, so it will be awkward for them. And if you're one of them, to you I say, tough! I very much suspect you did that to attempt to reach the Spotlight... by unfair means. Or, in my opinion, by cheating! I don't like such behaviour. Most un-Blipfoto conduct (and quite sad too). Of course you may like one of the comments from a subcribed journal best - feel free to say so - but you won't be allowed to appoint them to provide the next photo.

Of course the photo uploaded has to be a bona fide Blip - taken on the day it's posted under; not a screen grab; nor a scan of an old photo; etc.

And please, no sneaky stuff, like unsubscribing someone for a few days, or using a second journal to do whatever. Apologies in advance if this is difficult for the few regular film users on the site - of which I'm one... and have a second journal, just for that.

Timing for this probably couldn't be worse, what with the site about to switch off for a while, so I'll give myself the luxury of four days before selecting the next victim, er, best caption... if there are any takers.

For the above image, I'm saying nothing. That's your challenge. So - Captions please - not comments!

(Have resisted the temptation to be cheeky, and enter this in mono-Monday.)

[Edit: After the site revamp, everything has changed. Probably best to let the dust settle from that, and the constant tweaking that is still going on. Plus challenges now seem to have to go through BlipCentral for some vetting type process.]

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