Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Flying Colours!

The origin of this expression is military. It related to a victorious fleet sailing into harbour with their flags (colours) still flying at their mastheads (ie undamaged by battle) After about 1700 it started being used simply to refer to some kind of success.

Now about that Open University Digital Photography Course, T189, I was doing in the autumn.

The 4 of us decided we would do this course and we all got good passes. Well done katkatkat who introduced me to Blip, well done chippy who found the course and well done The Man who made it more fun by joining in and going out with me every weekend to get the necessary shots.

Other blippers had done it before and gave me a lot of encouragement. So,f you want to be persuaded to try this course email me or, if you're new to my journal, you can look at the images I submitted  listed here.  If I can do it you can too! It adds 10 points if you're working for an OU degree.

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