If it was a little bit rightwards it would have balanced the leaf better, even though I didn't see the leaf until just after saving the edited version. Unfortunately, moving it would go against almost every principle I have apart from the ones concerning not littering and those not relevant to the topic and anyway if it wasn't where it is it wouldn't have had as nice a shadow to the left.

I never make much note of when popular public events are taking place so usually only remember that something's on when a huge crowd of people run past the front window or when I try to go for a walk round the hill in the morning only to find the peace impeded by idiots playing music too loudly over a poor-quality public address system in the Holyrood Palace car park. When we popped out for a walk today we at least had warning in the form of people wearing Sport Relief-looking T-shirts trickling red-facedly back from the general direction of the parliament/palace/park that there might be some idiots playing music too loudly over a poor-quality public address system in the palace car park. As a warm-up there was an idiot who couldn't tell which path was the correct one to be cycling along and two woman-idiots dressed in army fatigues who very nearly barged into Nicky as they emerged from the portable conveniences. By choosing to go up Croft-an-Righ rather than Horse Wynd we had to go right past the idiots playing music too loudly through their poor-quality public address system, though luckily I had brought my fingers with me and was able to stick them in my ears to keep the sound mostly beneath the pain threshold until a safe distance from the speakers. As if playing music too loudly were insufficient the idiots were also yelping excitedly and nonsensically towards an imaginary excited and adoring crowd, presumably envisioned as dancing and jumping about in the empty section of car park in front of them. Had I had earplugs and possibly even ear defenders with me I might have chosen to stand in front of them with folded arms and disparaging eyebrows for a few minutes to subtly convey to them my opinion of their behaviour but there might have been more blundering she-oaves in army fatigues elsewhere seeking into whom they might oafishly barge. Happily the oaves thinned out after turning north, being replaced by a stewartbremner and the usual flocks of tasteless monarchy-riches-incrementing tour-codgers ambling Brownianishly about between their buses, the side of the road opposite and the opening to the palace into which they were eventually successfully funnelled. Nicky started to tire half-way up Calton Road but managed to hang on as far as Black Medicine for a reviving smoothie and a disgusting Tunnock-Log which I eschewed in favour of a panino, muffin and coffee. Considering the vague busyness around the park and touristy-areas it was remarkably quiet, with plenty of seats and music it was possible to speak over.

Requiring further walking and replacement of the means with which to walk without ending up with feet stuck with broken glass and grit I popped to work to drop off my trousers (also popping up to my desk to check my calendar-freeness as regarding potential obstructions to mosque luncheons (and somehow almost not spotting a colleague tucked behind his monitor a few pods away, presumably in on a Sunday at the behest of He who Doesn't Understand that the secret to achieving the correct balance of employees-to-work is not to belligerently harass the employees until they spontaneously propagate)) and thence to the shops to be annoyed by a bloke also trying on trainers who revealed that he was replacing a pair of the same type as mine but which he'd had for a few years rather than six months. Things were eventually bought but shall not be worn outside for a couple of weeks until certainty is achieved.

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