Barn Stalking

I drive past this old barn four times a day -- on the way to my daughter's school and back, both drop-off and pick-up. I'm fascinated by this place. I wonder, with every snowstorm or windy day, whether I'll still see it standing the next day.

I've been wanting to photograph it for months and have looked at it every day since September, trying to figure out the best angle, best time of day, best light and weather, and so on for getting a picture. I've also been trying to figure out how to get around the fact that it's on private property and I'd have to go onto the property to get a decent shot. And the farmhouse is the kind of house that looks like the inhabitants could very possibly chase me off the property with a shotgun.

I haven't seen any activity at the house for a few weeks; someone rolled the garbage bin out for collection over two weeks ago and it's still sitting at the curb. Today, the sky was clouded over, and I noticed the forsythia bush in the foreground was about to bloom. I knew it had to be today. I drove in, fired off a couple of stealth shots, then took off.

This wasn't quite how I've imagined (over the past 7 months) this shot turning out, but I like it anyway. It makes me want to sneak back for more.


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