The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


As I haven't yet decided whether or not to accept the challenge to post daily, I thought I should at least keep the option open by taking a picture each day. This was taken during Earth Hour, during which I kept all the lights off (apart from TV screen and laptop monitor), except briefly for this one so I could see to photograph my cat.

Every picture tells a story and this explains why a large wine crate sits on top of the largely-redundant turntable in my living room. It's aesthetically unpleasing, but it was placed there momentarily while I considered where in my tiny house it could be stored.

Unfortunately, it very quickly became established as Smokey's Favourite Place, Not To Be Removed, and the lid has become fashioned into a Smokey-shaped bowl as a result of his weight and the ever fewer numbers of bottles in the crate beneath (hastily extracted while they are unguarded) to support it.

I think this means that when it is finally empty, I will be obliged to replace it - just to keep Smokey happy, you understand.

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