A missed called from my Mother early Saturday morning could only mean one thing, something was wrong!

I always dread these moments because my Father - who is 80 and still works every day on my brother's organic farms - is I feel particularly vulnerable ( as is anyone of his vintage) to the dangers of heavy machinery, protective cows at calving time and a multitude of other unseen hazards. The potential of an accident is always very real, especially at this busy time of the year!

However it was not my Father but my brother who had been hurt and was lying in hospital with a severed left big toe re-attached with micro surgery. Such is the irony of life!

We do not know if the operation is going to be successful however it does mean I will be returning to the farms in the next few days to ensure that the 24 hour a day operations continues as smoothly as possible until a more permanent solution can be established for the coming months.

Tonight a song from Kate Bush .. RUNNING UP THAT HILL

And a story about a friend of my Father's PETER DRYSDALE

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