I have a love hate thing going on with days like this. I loved it, there was so much going on and so many places to visit and so many people to see! But yikes, so busy!

It started off nice and quite. I was home and was able to sleep in a little and do the saturday crossword for a while in the morning with a coffee - how sweet is that? Then I picked up my two youngest and we drove off to visit my eldest. She lives in a town about 100km south west of here, so about an hour's drive. It was really, really nice to have all of us together again after such a long time. I don't get them all together that often.

Emma had bought a "Wii fit" game recently. I have *never* played *any* Wii games before. This was a new experience for me. As it turns out (and as most of you probably already know) it was a blast! Emma and her bf (Cees) cooked a lovely dinner for us. We had lots of stories, laughter. It was great.

Here you see Joel trying his hand(?:) at ski jumping. Emma, always the encouraging coach ;)

Then, after driving the Joel & Tessa home I took off to visit with Karin and her mom in St. C. A little over 100km in another direction. I was driving during "Earth Hour". Did not seem much 'lights out' on my drive. Not that it matters much. I suspect electricity and lighting to be one of the least heavy carbon footprints one has, my driving, on the other hand, especially in a car with such a thirst of gasoline, probably outweighed the value of the electricity used by about 100 families! :( For that I am sorry.

Once at Karin's mom's place, I had a nice time too. We finished another bottle of wine (they had nearly polished off two before I got there!) and some cheese and pate.

What a very nice day!

But I was glad to get to bed when it was over.


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